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In today’s environment of reduced budgets, limited staffing, and more exposure to facilities, organizations are expected to maintain the same level of cleanliness while their resources continue to decrease.


As a result, it is more imperative than ever, for organizations to focus on the true cost of cleaning and building maintenance.


Kenway recognizes these challenges, and has spent the past 61 years dedicating energy and resources to solving these issues.


Kenway customizes solutions for their customers that moves beyond price and product and by doing so eliminates the guesswork related to cleaning and maintenance by focusing on the following:


·         True organizational costs

·         Assisting with training and gaining organizational support

·         Continuous assessment and feedback

·         Establishing accountability and baselines for cleanliness

·         Standardizing the cleaning process

·         Streamlining purchasing and inventory management

·         Risk management


If you haven’t already done so, schedule a survey or solutions discussion with a Kenway Consultant today.  We look forward to addressing your needs and developing a win-win solution.

Achieve Cleaning Mangement System



Achieve is a web based software tool that allows you to gain better management of your budget dollars by considering your facility space, your available labor and associated costs, your equipment and products and then weighing them against industry standards to help determine the best use of your budget dollars.  Schedule a Achieve solutions consultation today!


Customer Service



If you have a question or need to place an order this is the place to start.  Kenway’s customer service is here for you!  Kenway has three full time Customer Service Representatives available for you.  Just give us a call today and let us assist you with you janitorial and maintenance needs.

Service Department/Service Truck


Kenway’s service department is second to none!  With our full time technicians, we can service almost any equipment need you might have.  We also have a service truck which is available for on-site service when necessary.  Kenway also offers Service Agreements for your equipment with planned maintenance schedules to extend the life of your equipment.

Equipment Manuals



Manuals from our major equipment suppliers are available for your needs.  Use the schematic pages to find the correct part number for you equipment repair needs.  Also find important information for the operation and care of your cleaning equipment.



Globally Harmonized Systems/SDS



This is the place to find “Safety Data Sheets” as they are being called now ( formally “MSDS”) as we move toward the Globally Harmonized System.  If the links do not provide the information you need please contact Customer Service for assistance.


Click Here

Other Solutions Kenway can provide:
- Walk-off matting survey
- Can Liner consolidation survey
- Hand Soap analysis and consolidation
- Paper Products analysis and consolidation
- Equipment needs analysis and ROI
- Floor and walkway coefficient of friction analysis (slip/fall) 
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